On 03/05/13 12:44, Michael Andres wrote:
In general: In openSUSE we use a static libsolv. This way it is important that
libzypp (staticaly linked against libsolv) and the libsolv-tools (dumpsoplv
and tools to create the solv files) are based on the same libsolv version.
Thanks for sharing this! It answered a question, I asked myself "what, if I had to update libsolv/zypper with zypper" :-).

`rpmdb2solv | dumpsolv` should give you a reasonable dump of the rpm database.
If it does not, try `rpm --rebuilddb` to be sure the rpm database is ok.
A rebuilddb helped getting the parsing error fixed, But the dbid (too large) isn't gone. But this seems to be another error, not related to this ML :-)

If the above works, then simply remove the @System solv directory.
`zypper ref` will recreate it.

Thank you!
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