This might be the wrong list to ask createrepo questions.

I'm trying to create a list of dependencies for a given list of package
names during package build. The steps are like this:

- put "# needsbinariesforbuild" into libguestfs.spec
- symlink /.build.binaries/* to a private $tmpdir
- run "createrepo $tmpdir"
- create a private repos.d with a single repo pointing to that $tmpdir
- call 'zypper ... install --dry-run --download-only module-init-tools'

This fails because module-init-tools.spec has "PreReq: /usr/bin/eu-nm",
which comes from elfutils. Putting elfutils into BuildRequires puts this
package also into /.build.binaries/. But createrepo still fails to
create a dependency for /usr/bin/eu-nm.

After poking around in my 11.4 repo data I found /usr/bin/eu-nm in
"suse/setup/descr/packages.gz", which is eventually the place where
libzypp is looking for further dependencies. I see a "Req: /usr/bin/eu-nm"
in module-init-tools and a "Prv: /usr/bin/eu-nm" in elfutils in that file.

My question is how do I tell createrepo to handle this /usr/bin/eu-nm
dependency of module-init-tools so that zypper can resolve it properly
with a rpm-md repo?

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