On Friday 26 July 2013 20:35:09 Nashif, Anas wrote:
> Hi,
> There seem to be a hard dependency between product definition and the
> <dist>-release package, when the release-package is updated, the product is
> being removed:
> Reading installed packages...
> Computing distribution upgrade...
> The following product is going to be REMOVED:
> Is the –release package a special package that can't be updated or am I
> missing something here?

Expected is a 1-1 releation between a product (.prod file in /etc/products.d/) 
and it's release package (actually the package containing the .prod file).

As the .prod file is included in a package, the repo metadata need to contain 
an abstract of the product metadata (at lest everything required to properly 
resolve the product).

As Jiri mentioned, these data are shipped in eiter repodata/products.xml 
(rpmmd repo format) or in the content file (suse repo).

For each product version in the repo, its coresponding -release package is 
found by looking for the package providing:

  Provides: product()

and in the repos product metadata must match the products data stored in 
the .prod file included in the release package.

Without product metadata or the linking Provides: the resolver does not see 
that the product is continued when the -release package is updated.


    Michael Andres

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