I'm currently working on a Summer of Code project, which includes adding 
PackageKit support to Muon (Discover). While my part is almost done, I found a 
bug in the zypp backend:
1) It reports that it supports the FilterNewest filter, but
2) When I call getPackages() I get all packages and not just the newest.
(This can also be reproduced in apper, when just searching for packages, with 
the option to use the filter enabled.)

The other thing I wanted to ask about is the availability of Appstream data in 
the opensuse repositories. From what I understood, the distributions tools 
should provide this data (the appdata.xml in your case) in /usr/share/app-
info/, but I can only find the categories.xml file there. Can anyone help me 
with this?



PS: Please keep me CCed, as I'm not subscribed to the list!

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