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> One idea -- a fallback mechanism *within* a repos' definition would be
> useful
> For example, allow in a given repo's def'n, having multiple, numbered
> baseurls
>         baseurl1=http://direct/url/to/specific/site/1/...
>         baseurl2=http://direct/url/to/specific/site/2/...
>         baseurl3=http://download.opensuse.org/...
>         ...
>         baseurlN=http://direct/url/to/specific/site/3/...
> and add fuction to zypper so that for each repo, the baseurls would be
> tried in order for any given failure.
> By adding, e.g., a
>         failcount2abort=X
> to either/both a given repo's defn, or /etc/zypp(er).conf, the overall
> process could be terminated if there were "X" # of subsequent fails,
> indicating a likely systemic problem requiring further intervention.

This should not be too hard to achieve.

Since libzypp-8.8.0 (openSUSE 11.4) using a 'mirrorlist' url instead 
of 'baseurl' within the .repo file is already supported:


Defining multiple URLs for a repo this way is possible. I can't remember any 
feedback related to mirrorlist, so this feature either works or isn't used.

Probably the later, as a quick check reveals that a local file can't be used 
as mirrorlist (file:/localpath/to/mirrorlist.file) and zypper does not switch 
non-interactively between the URLs on error. I filed a bugreport to track 


    Michael Andres

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