I've reported a bug re: 'constant' re-DL'ing of gpg keys `during zypper *` 

        Bug 906589 - multiple repos repeatedly/frequently reporting "signed 
with an unknown key" 

There, it's been suggested that there's a failure of zypper's key auto-import,


                Marcus Rueckert 2014-11-21 20:46:00 UTC

                "... it seems your auto import keys is not functioning."

To help troubleshoot the issue, I'm looking for a specific method/procedure to 
specifically test/verify the functioning, or not, of zypper's key auto-import.  
What I've been trying (@ bug) hasn't convinced me.

Either I'm not clear on what results are telling me, or I'm not testing 

What's the right method to test/verify this to narrow down the reported problem?


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