On Wednesday 22 April 2015 17:36:35 lynd...@your-mail.com wrote:
> I've edited zypp.conf
>       multiversion                        = kernel-xen
>       multiversion.kernels                =
> latest,latest-1,running,3.16.7-7,3.19.4-1.g74c332b
> and rebooted.
> With that config, I'd expected that I'd end up with ONE kernel-default, and
> several kernel-xen.

multiversion=   defines how NEW packages are going to be INSTALLED. 'Normal' 
packages like  'rpm -U', automatically obsoleting old versions of the 
package. 'Multiversion' packages like 'rpm -i' are just added.

Changing the setting does not affect already installed packages. Your 
kernel-default packages will stay until the next kernel-default package is 
(re-)installed without multiversion ('rpm -U'). E.g.

        zypper in -f kernel-default-4.0.0-1.1.g49e42b3

multiversion.kernels=   is actually an option of the purge-kernels service
from package mkinitrd. They simply hijacked the libzypp config file. 

I don't know in detail how purge-kernels works, so I'm not sure whether it 
actually evaluates zypps multiversion= settings. It may verry well be it 
simply looks at the installed kernels and makes it's decision based on the 
config values.

That's probably why the multiple 'kernel-default' are kept. But I also can't 
explain why kernel-xen-3.16.7 is gone. 

For an explanation/bugfix please file a bugreport at bugzilla.opensuse.org for 
package mkinitrd. 


    Michael Andres

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