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Just wanted to give some feedback/make some questions about zypp-evaporate.

When machinery runs an inspection on a system we extract different scopes of information.

1. The list of packages `rpm -qa --qf ...` so we get the name, version,
   release, architecture, vendor and checksum of the package.
2. The list of repos `zypper --xmlout repos --details` so we get the
   alias, name, type, url, enabled, autorefresh, gpgcheck and priority.
3. The list of patterns `zypper patterns -i` so we capture name,
   version and release.

Now if I compare this information in my system I go from having around 2445 packages to 266 solvables, which I find very cool btw. A use case for us would be the ability to

 * give zypper/zypp-evaportate from the command line a list of
   packages, repos and patterns from an inspected machine
 * optionally pass some flags to tell how to resolve in case of
   different scenarios and expected output format

With this functionality we can improve the output of our kiwi export by making the config.xml file more concise (like in my case 10 fold shorter)

Would this be possible?


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