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> Good news, everyone,
> the first draft of the module metadata format is now available
> for you to comment on.  We've decided to go with YAML so it
> should be fairly readable.  You can view the latest version here:
> What is is:
> The file defines basic properties of the module such as its
> name, version, description, licenses, references to upstream
> documentation or its content.  Currently only RPM content
> is supported but this can be easily extended in the future.
> The metadata file is meant as both input and output of the
> module build process (don't confuse it with package build
> process), with various tools adding various new data to it,
> such as vendor and buildsystem identifiers, timestamp of the
> build, autogenerated lists of licenses or whatever you can
> think of (well, maybe not whatever but close).  The output is
> then placed in the generated repository, container image or
> any other module deliverable and can be processed by tools and
> services consuming and delivering modules.
> What is isn't:
> It's not a SPEC file.  It doesn't say how to build individual
> packages.  And it's not a simple comps group either.  It can
> and does provide lots more additional data.
> It's not perfect and it's constantly evolving.  Please, do
> comment, ask questions and suggest improvements.
> Thanks,
> P


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