If a given package is provided by more than one repo, and if that
package has subpackages, then it can easily happen that one of the
subpackages comes from repoA while another one comes from repoB. That
happens because the rpm dependencies are satisfied via SONAME for
example. But each package might be configured and built differently, and
if the subpackages link and/or communicate with each other the ABI may

In practice this happens with the ffmpeg and gstreamer packages from
Leap/Tumbleweed and Packman/VideoLan. The result is a misbehaviour at

The easy and obvious way is a 'zypper dup --from <repo>' to resolve
that. No code changes needed for that. But I wonder if libzypp has
enough info from the repository data to enforce that each subpackage
comes from the same vendor:src.rpm.


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