Hi David,

I understand that the .onion mirror is still active, but you need to be
on the Tor network (http://zyprexa.pbwiki.com/Tor%20Instructions) to be
able to see it.

I am pleased that Lilly has so far not sent our wiki a takedown notice.
Perhaps they understand that we are operating _fully_ within the
parameters of the law - conducting an independent analysis and
conversation around these matters and lawfully linking to, but not
hosting, the evidence.

I am also pleased that they continue to carry on with their
self-destructive legal maneuvers. The end result will be nothing but
more bad press. Their marketing department must not understand what they
are trifling with.

Or, perhaps, there really is something more in those memos that no one
has yet to turn up - something that they fear more than all the bad
press over an free speech skirmish. Maybe running an Optical Character
Recognition engine over the memos and making them searchable will
accelerate these discoveries.

I am wondering if we should post links to their threats against joysoup
up on our wiki?


David Oaks wrote:
> Thanks... glad someone is out there!
> We've just done an Update 10 with the link to the exchange of e-mail  
> with Eli Lilly today:
> http://www.mindfreedom.org/know/psych-drug-corp/eli-lilly-secrets/
> Actually, I'd appreciate it if anyone can review our alert, and that  
> linked e-mail exchange, and spot anything that needs correction if  
> explanation. If so, spell it out me like I'm three years old  
> (preferably with sentences or paragraphs to insert or add or change.)
> Then I'd like to 'get this out.'
> By the way, Mailman lists can be set so that only the administrator  
> has access to the listinfo.
> David
> On Dec 30, 2006, at 12:41 PM, Asheesh Laroia wrote:
>> On Sat, 30 Dec 2006, David Oaks wrote:
>>> A site apparently offering Zyprexa documents has apparently  
>>> received a note from Eli Lilly attorneys ordering the site owner  
>>> to stop.
>> That's interesting.  I wonder on what grounds.  Is the note on the  
>> web somewhere?
>>> By the way, my guess is Eli Lilly attorneys may be on this e-mail  
>>> list by now. If so, hi! At least someone may be getting paid a  
>>> high hourly rate to read about human rights violations related to  
>>> Eli Lilly.
>> Remember that, as with most Mailman lists, you can look at the  
>> subscriber list if you log in to the listinfo page.
>> -- Asheesh.
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