My mistake:   I let the email address "auto-complete" thing finish 
putting in the email address for the discussion list and I didn't notice the 
"request" missing from the actual email address I was supposed to send to if I 
wanted to post something.   Did it work this time?
Bless You All
\ /Steve

Here is what I tried to post the first time:
Hello everyone,
     i am a survivor of the mental hell-th [SS]y[SS]tem, which was one of the 
basic elements of my "medical" nightmare after my "accident" occured on 
4/11/95.  I was duped into ingesting a few different kinds/brands of 
toxic industrial waste", starting with amitryptylene, Olanzapine([Zyprexa]), 
Depakote(this one caused me to have pancreatic ulcers, (?)or was it that in 
addition to the Zyprexa?)..pretentious neanderthals who I was deceived into 
thinking had "medical" skill caused me to feel worse on top of the already 
excruciatingly painful physical injuries i suffered because of 4/11/95.
     I think i first found out about MindFreedom in 1997, when it was still 
called [Dendron].  I found it after I found out about the capabilities of 
internet search engines.  I can't remember exactly what I searched for, i think 
was something like, "online freedom fighters against psychiatry" or something 
to that effect, but anyway, my present psychiatrist is alot more up-to-date 
with what medications are beneficial and which ones are not.
     I think I'll try reading some of your postings now(o:
\ /Steve Maxwell
a worker for the Christian underground
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