Thanks Eric!

I'm assuming everyone saw the alert we put out about today?

It's on our web site - update 15. I'll  
also e-mail it to this list. MindFreedom has submitted a letter to  
the judge, and is following up with our attorney representing us in  
court (via teleconference).

I'll email the alert to this list to make sure everyone got it.

On Jan 2, 2007, at 1:44 PM, Eric Whalen wrote:

> I'm not completly sure what I'm talking about. The injunction seems to
> be in effect until January 3rd. Is there anyone willing to  
> challenge the
> protective order if that's what needs to be done? What's the legal
> situation after the 3rd. I know the documents are avalible through the
> Tor network. Making the documents avalible that way limits their
> availibility to people able and willing to use the Tor network.
> Is there anything going on with this.
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