One relatively safe way to disseminate these files is to upload them 
anonymously to a free file sharing service - this was how the original 
file was seeded.

Search for "free file sharing service" and you will find quite a few.

I would really like to see this mailing list start digging into these 
memos, instead of just plotting how to disseminate them.

Eventually, we should start posting about specific memos, quoting 
important highlights and excerpts.

Folks should know that after running the OCR engine - - the total size of the 
distro is reported to drop to < ~300K - small enough to attach to an email.

Once the memos are text, it might be interesting to analyze them using 
something like this too: (follow the link down to the live 
demos to see this in action).

- Rafi

Eric Whalen wrote:
> I'm not completly sure what I'm talking about. The injunction seems to
> be in effect until January 3rd. Is there anyone willing to challenge the
> protective order if that's what needs to be done? What's the legal 
> situation after the 3rd. I know the documents are avalible through the
> Tor network. Making the documents avalible that way limits their 
> availibility to people able and willing to use the Tor network.
> Is there anything going on with this.
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