I'm puzzled by this.

The wiki does not directly offer the files.

It just has a little text information about how to do so, at this  
point regarding Tor.

Since this isn't the files itself.... I wonder if anyone could sum up  
in a sentence or two what this site says about Tor that Eli Lilly may  
consider so 'wrong' and then hundreds could be encouraged to get  
those sentences out via e-mail or web.... Heck, don't even include  
links just explain how people can find it on the web.

Since this text not about actually offering download directly it's an  
even more low key way of doing 'push button civil disobedience.'

In fact, saying such text sure looks like First Amendment free speech  
to me, which -- despite its lovingly detailed flaws which can be  
found everywhere -- is what this country is supposed to be all about.

We could even add disclaimer similar to disclaimer we are using at  
MindFreedom, and will repeat here for any Eli Lilly attorneys who are  
getting paid to read this, because it applies to all our e-mail and  
other posts to the Internet, and other places, on this topic:

"In the public interest, MindFreedom is forwarding the anonymous  
alerts referred to on this page and in MFI emails. MFI did not  
originate these alerts, MFI does not vouch for their authenticity or  
accuracy, that's all the information we have, MFI is not providing  
advice about the legality of downloading the 'ZyprexaKills' files,  
MFI is not encouraging anyone to conduct illegal activities regarding  
these files, and MFI itself is not providing the 'ZyprexaKills' files  
for download."

In terms of legally contesting this harassment... That's actually  
fairly easy to do. We know because we at MindFreedom have legally  
contested it yesterday regarding us and our members, see our update  
at Anyone like to do that in the case of  
the wiki?

Essentially, it would seem, if Eli Lilly tries to argue that wiki is  
down, they ought to argue that ANY MENTION OF TOR by ANYONE is  
illegal, too. Perhaps the folks at EFF ought to be directly contacted?

By the way, one notes that Eli Lilly is not making any noise in the  
direction of the NY Times which stated for three days in a row that  
they had the formerly 'secret' documents.

This is not about someone's private medical records, or a sex video  
tape... this is about undeniable proof of fraud that is harmful to  
the public!


On Jan 1, 2007, at 4:58 PM, David Weekly wrote:

> FYI - we've received an improperly formatted DMCA takedown notice  
> for content on your PBwiki.
> We're not going to act on it, but if we do receive such a notice  
> that is properly formatted, we will legally have to turn the site  
> private unless you give notice that you plan to legally contest the  
> takedown. Please let me know if you have questions about this.
> Yours,
>  David Weekly
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> Cc: "Carissimi, Vincent V." < [EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> The pbwiki listed above is facilitating the unlawful sharing of  
> copyright protected material, and breach of a Federal Court order.   
> Please shut it down immediately, and delete all cached material.
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