Hi jim749,

The TRO has certainly chilled our speech, which is precisely why the
courts have been so concerned historically with the abuse of "prior
restraint", but we are still here.

If you read the injunction closely, you will find it is disturbingly
ambiguous. One of the  "parties" named in the injunction is
zyprexa.pbwiki.com. Now, I know that pbwiki is as easy a peanut butter,
and peanut butter is always a party, but a domain name is pretty darn
vague, especially when it refers a wiki.

Furthermore, the only speech that was (unconstitutionally) forbidden by
the injunction is speech which facilitates the dissemination of documents.

Luckily, Lilly left us plenty for us to talk about without having to
refer to any of their precious internal memos.

This list is still active, but I think some of the contributors may have
been busy gardening the wiki for our expected incoming traffic surge.

In case you somehow missed it, the wiki is being defended by the EFF:

There is a good chance folks might start taking more of an interest in
this site real soon.

If you haven't visited the wiki in a little while, take a peek:

We could really use some help in the Analyst's Corner
(http://zyprexa.pbwiki.com/Analyst's%20Corner) analyzing Lilly's
response to this scandal

and in the Editorial Section, where we have just announced a call for

Also, we have launched a fundable campaign to show support for pbwiki
and upgrade our wiki to a premium plan:

and really want to start spreading the meme about our distributed
research, organized on delicious, coordinated through the 'zyprexakills'
tag. (No links to the memos please. Just links to blog postings and
press coverage).

So, lots of ways to contribute. Take your pick.

be well,
- Rafi

> Hi,
> Is any discussion still going on here or are the TRO's limiting it?
> Thx,
> jim749
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