Talk:National Alliance on Mental Illness    From Wikipedia, the free 
encyclopedia  I do not know all about this site or how to use it, but I stand 
by what I have added to this page.
  If this is not the truth that I have written then I challenge them to bring 
me their evidence to refute what I have said here to this talk page.
  If you do not want this NAMI page to be biased then you need to help me to 
merge this, so that the information I provided from my own writing of these 
historical events, that NAMI; the the President of the APA; and the Surgeon 
General of the U.S in 2003, is aware of, and partially participated in, does 
not go untold. I have also made my state, my states division of the APA, and my 
states NAMI organization aware of this information and they can not dispute 
this evidence that I have. We have been working to get this information out to 
the public since 2003.
  I am also a professional advocate, since I have been trained by my state 
previous to this and have had personal experience with this for over twenty 
years now. I have sat on the board of our states largest disabilities coalition 
as the chairperson for mental health in the past and have been involved with my 
states consumer advocacy/advisory council previous to this.
  I have a Masters of Arts in Education, that I earned back in 1986.
  If they want to talk about this information that I have inserted we can, this 
needs to be left in this article even if edited by a more seasoned writer of 
this site. This is especially true if they choose for this article to be 
non-biased, representative, and true.
  I wrote the initial article that this information came from so I am the 
copyright owner of it. This gives me the right to use it or submit it wherever 
and however I see fit. I understand that it is also up to the editors or owners 
of sites to let it stand or reject it in part or in whole.--just curious 18:33, 
12 January 2007 (UTC)
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