Folks, I really want this wiki to look sharp when the masses arrive. Please 
kick in to help clean up where you can - there are lots of ways to contribute, 
from spelling and typos, to layout, to fresh content (but please, NO LINKS TO 

I am excited at how much our little wiki is beginning to resemble a serious 
newspaper. Citizen investigative journalism? If this keeps up we may be a 
strong contender for a webby -

I would like to see more development of our Analyst's Corner and our Editorial 
Section. We can even make room for longer essays, if they are on topic.

We are now on the home page of the eff, and our case has its own section:

Bloggers are rapidly picking this story up and the mainstream press isn't too 
far behind.  Everyone from Newsweek to NPR to adbusters to the NY Times will be 
picking up pieces here, so start preparing your talking points and remember to 
stay on message (whatever your respective message is).

good luck,
- John Cocktosen

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