This will be short and sweet, as I am currently sick from another new mood 
stabilizer that I tried in an attempt to appear less agitated to people 
by me. I am one of those mental patients who has a lot of issues with meds, 
sometimes being called non-compliant for simply not being able to tolerate 
medicine. I do wish them to work their miracles on me but they never have quite 
yet, at least the clinic staff doesn't think so where I go see a doctor every 
three months. I see her less when I get sick. Then I get blamed for it.

But back to zyprexa...hard to focus in such a complex messed up system with 
so many layers of issues that need to be worked through. The first thing we 
need to do is listen to those taking the medicines much more closely and 
frequently. It is a dangerous situation. I have been throwing up all night from 
another med.

I had issues with major weight gain on zyprexa and I was hypoglycemic. I had 
fainting spells and I had thrown up in public places from blood sugar attacks. 
I feel it could have gotten worse on zyprexa. I am not a law suit settlee. I 
am just mad now looking back. I was court ordered to take it too. I mean, is 
this ok? to court order people to take medicines that can potentially kill 
them? Now I am on another new and improved antipsyhcotic that I am not sure is 
much better.

They need to listen to us. They don't. In the hospital I am given medicines 
that are supposed to be marked as bad for me in my charts but they don't bother 
to look or something. They have this assemblyline psychiatry now and it is 
not working and pharmaceutical companies need to be doing much more research 
besides just that which has a profit motive. 

They call us non-compliant. It should not even be an us and them situation 
too. They should be "we" and they should be working with us. We are 
"non-compliant" usually with good reason. We are not stupid to not know when 
meds are 
making us sick-- we have many geniuses amongst us in fact. This "non-compliant" 
blame word has got to be exorcised from the mental health clinics. It makes 
sound too much like the Borg, like a cold, grey system that it tries to 
pretend it isn't at times.

Peace and and Mad Love, 

Nancy Pontius
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