I have to hand it to all that have brought Lilly's murderous methods of getting 
drugs to market and the complicity the FDA has in destroying lives.  The media 
has a great deal to do with allowing this to happen.  This has also happened to 
diabetics worldwide with the introduction of genetically engineered insulins.

The FDA has ignored our pleas to re-establish time tested animal insulin in the 
US when both insulin manufacturers pulled animal insulins from the world 
market.  Only a few animal insulin manufacturers still exist in foreign 
countries.  However, these companies are gradually being bought up buy the 
major insulin companies and  animal insulins discontinued.  This will soon 
eliminate animal insulins that are the only insulins many diabetics can safely 
and effectively use.  Anyone wonder why no generic companies have picked up on 
the animal insulin market?  According to the insulin companies, animal insulin 
was discontinued due to the popularity of newer genetically produced "human" 
insulins, but when you eliminate alternatives, what's left?

You won't convince me that this hasn't been a conspiracy to force all diabetics 
to the genetically engineered insulins that went through the FDA approval 
process in less than 2 1/2 months.  GE insulins were the first drug to be made 
with rDNA technology.  They are much cheaper to make and lots more expensive 
than animal insulins were.  

With only 1-10% of adverse drug events reported to the FDA, rDNA insulins were 
the 8th most reported drug in 1995 with only about 3 million diabetics using 
insulin and only about half of those were using rDNA insulin.

Our numbers are small and voices weak.  Very little media coverage was given to 
our plight.  Perhaps, Lilly's advertising dollars had something to do with that?

There's much, much more to the story.

"When the government fears the people, you have liberty. When the people fear 
the government, you have tyranny."  

Mary E. Hunt, Vice President
Diabetics International Foundation

"All that's necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing."
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