I like this poem, what was strange was today I got about 6 post straight in a 
row from the zyprexa list is there some reason for that?  Is it being moderated 
or is it being watched?  
  My website won't let me in it and I do not know what is wrong and my email is 
acting funny too!   ???  Could be my computer, could be coincidence, the people 
that do my website said it was in their servers and that it should be fixed 
within 24 hours, and it is still not fixed. That was last night, but I have 
been trying for about four days now to deal with them to get it fixed.   So I 
am not sure what to do.  
  Is this just all my imagination?  
  Who is out there?  Who cares about this girl in this poem?  I do, do you?  
  Who all is on this list now?  I hope all are doing okay out there whoever is 
on here.  This is kind of like a mystery isn't it?  Is there any way to know 
who is here with us?  Who has that list?  If this is an open list and which it 
must be or I wouldn't be on it, then anyone can be on it.
  How safe are we or do we want to be out in the open with this?  I don't know. 
I have some personal stuff going on in my own personal life right now and am 
kind of scared of some my own self, is there a way off this list if I wanted to 
get off?    
  The voice, standing against the whole????, and the poet laureate as someone 
recently called me,   Janie

    hello, just wanted to add this poem to the previous editorial sent:
  awfully real

she realized once something was different 
some called it psychosis 
some called it enlightenment-- 

sometimes she wept 
sometimes she laughed 
sometimes she spoke in many tongues 
sometimes she said nothing at all 

she was on the edge of the volcano 
making her offerings 
because one night she dreamed 
of a lava sky 

flowering, flowing, pouring down 
like hot honey, too hot of course 
and we disappeared in the blink of an eye 

it might have been an asteroid 
the one that had been predicted 
and maybe now we are underground 
somewhere waiting for the new world 

she would talk about these things 
on her own speaker's corner 
over by the 7/11 

if only she had put a hat out 
and did performance art 
instead of being awfully real 
and taken away 
to chemical straightjacketville
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