Help Build Support for Genetic Nondiscrimination Legislation!


**Build support for critical genetic nondiscrimination legislation by
contacting your senators and representatives!


GINA Introduced in the 110th Congress! 


Given the rapid development of new genetic technologies, discrimination 
on the basis of genetic information is a problem that threatens to grow
exponentially. Tests are currently only available for approximately 
1300 genes that are associated with relatively rare conditions. 
However, that small number will soon reach the thousands. These new tests will 
allow for the identification of genetic predispositions and susceptibilities 
to many common health conditions. Knowledge about ones genes has both the 
potential to be invaluable to health care delivery and the potential to 
be susceptible to misuse. Because no one is exempt from this type of
discrimination each of us carries a number of mutated genes genetic
discrimination and the related privacy concerns should be profoundly
important to each of us.


Although no laws currently exist to address the potential abuses of 
this sensitive health information, the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination 
Act (GINA) was introduced late Tuesday in Congress.  This legislation would
prohibit discrimination on the basis of genetic information with 
respect to health insurance and employment. GINA provides strong, enforceable 
protections against the misuse of genetic informationthe definition of which 
includes family health history in both health insurance coverage and employment 


You can help to build support for this important bill by reaching out 
to your representative and senators and asking them to cosponsor GINA.


This is easy to do:


1. Determine your representative and senators and their contact

   information by entering your zip code at

   and <> . 


2. Tailor your message. You can use the sample below to get



3. Contact your representative and senators and tell them that you

   want them to cosponsor GINA.  It's most effective if you do

   this by phone or email. 


4. Email Genetic Alliance and tell them you've taken action. Email

   [EMAIL PROTECTED] with the subject line GINA 
     Cosponsor, your name, and the names of your elected officials

   to let us know that you have reached out.



Sample message:


I am writing/calling to ask you to cosponsor the Genetic Information
Nondiscrimination Act. This bill protects Americans from the misuse of
genetic information in employment and health insurance decisions.  


Many Americans forego beneficial testing due to fear that they may be
discriminated against from abuse of their genetic information.  


Tell your story briefly and why you are personally concerned about this


I hope I can count on <NAME OF ELECTED OFFICIAL>s support on this 


Thank you.



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