There is no reliable and valid scientific evidence for any of this and when we 
talk in terms of science it gives all of those that choose to do so all the 
right in the world to miscontrue it and use whatever kind of science that they 
want to use.  So I guess I have to realize that as long as I am dealing with 
any kind of people that believe that any of this is scientifically based in any 
way at all then that is what I will be promoting as well, but I am not trying 
to do that.  So perhaps it is better for me just to break away and focus my 
goals in the right directions.  These kinds of people often can do underhanded 
stuff so that one will believe that they are telling the truth and nothing but 
the truth or even use coercion and force in their way of bringing another 
person around to their thinking.
  My friend Martin might be really interested in looking at this link for the 
link that says scientific and how our brains are wired that is based on 
scientology what else can I expect?  I am even beginning to doubt the 
scientificness of neurology.  After all, neurologist have as much in keeping 
this going as anyone.  Of course if there ever is any kind of a real marker, 
not just images, or he said she said, that can show a disease then I will 
accept that.  We are drugging our children based on images and perceptions, not 
reality, and parents when they are scared will do almost anything to try to 
figure out what is wrong so they can fix it.  The President might be a friend 
of mine, but if it is wrong that does not make it any more right just because 
we are friends.  Janie

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