I think you did the right thing Will man, I think that these fools have lots of 
money to fight you and I am proud of everything that you have gotten out about 
this.  It was because of you that I found out about this.  I did not download 
the documents imediately and wish I had.  I did not know the imediate essence 
of doing so.  I think that you are doing a good thing and do lots of good 
things. It is true we have some leadership that take advantage of what we do 
and that use us as the fall guys, not all of them, but I think that is wrong. 
We are not seemingly at times all just as important and we are not all really 
kept in the loop.   I think that it is easier for them to do things because of 
their positions and the funds that they have and yet some of them are still 
afraid to do what needs to be done at times.  So that is why there are some 
conflicts.  You are doing good Will I don't know if this is just a way to keep 
this list going or if you are serious here.  Thanks, 

Will Hall <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:  Hi david, i'm obviously not following 
this as closely as you are, and I 
don't have a lawyer's advice or the benefit of a lawyer's advice when i 
was contacted to parse the subtelties of what was going on. ordering, 
telling, instructing, asking - i'm glad there are legal distinctions 
between these things and that vera is challenging them. what i know is 
that the court and jim did tell me to return the documents, which i did, 
immediately. it's nice to know that i might have gotten away with not 
returning them.

-- will

David Oaks wrote:
> And to be a bit more clear about a point below.... The court never 
> instructed the named people besides Jim to return the files to him... 
> the court did instruct Jim to request that those Jim had given the files 
> to return them to him. Some did, some did not.
> During the recent hearing Vera said she had not done this because she 
> awaited the court decision... the judge asked Vera to turn over her copy 
> to her attorney to be held in escrow, until the court makes its final 
> decision.
> David
> On Jan 26, 2007, at 7:44 PM, Will Hall wrote:
>> hi all, thanks aby, but just to clarify, the articles are not about my
>> role in distributing the lilly documents! i'm not distributing the lilly
>> documents.
>> I was put on a gag order along with 12 other activists who jim g. sent
>> the docs to. the gag order blocks me from distributing the docs or even
>> telling people how to find them. when the court asked me to return
>> them, i did so immediately. that's what the articles are about.
>> please be clear about this in any public statements, unless you want to
>> put me at risk. (this list is scrutinized by them, for example) if
>> eli-lilly puts me in their sights my life could become very difficult.
>> thanks
>> -- will
>> aby adams wrote:
>>> for those of you who don't have access to local northampton, ma media
>>> Will Hall was successfully and favorably covered on the front page of
>>> the hampshire gazette and in the valley advocate for his role in
>>> distributing the eli lilly documents. the gazette article was
>>> followed by a letter to the editor praising Will and everyone for
>>> working to make sure that people had accurate information about their
>>> medication. a few days later the gazette editor's editorial condemned
>>> eli lilly for trying to sequester the information and praised us all
>>> for our work. congratulations will and everyone!!!!
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