Yes, very fuzzy evidence supporting the idea that these people 
deliberately flaunted the court order. 

On Thu, 15 Feb 2007 09:31:29 -0900 Will Hall <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>um, this is an interesting paragraph...
>"After the preliminary injunction was issued on December 29, 2006,
>several of the enjoined persons continued their efforts to ensure 
>the documents remained publicly accessible.  In an email exchange 
>January 2, 2007 among Robert Whitaker, Vera Sharav, Will Hall, 
>Oaks, and Gottstein, Whitaker offered his gratitude to those who 
>helped disseminate the documents notwithstanding court orders
>prohibiting them from doing so: “[K]udos should go to others who 
>helped get this information out – Will Hall, David Oaks, Vera 
>MindFreedom.  This is a fight very much worth fighting.”  See 
>Findings of Fact, supporting ex. 28.  Sharav responded, “It’s 
>to keep track of where/when the documents may surface again on
>cyberspace and let people know.”  Id. (emphasis supplied). Will 
>added, “what a great new years gift . . . massive eli-lilly psych 
>scandal.”  Id.
>5. Preliminary Injunction by Judge Cogan"

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