I think I skimmed through that book once...don't remember the title but I  
thought the comparisons that the author made to corporations acting with  
sociopathic tendencies was extremely accurate!  If it was the same book  that 
thinking of, there was also some chapters referring to the typical  individuals 
that corporations need to run their 'machines'.  They actually  require people 
who 'don't think for themselves' and who can 'easily take and  follow orders' 
and 'are highly trainable'.  In our society, these are  highly regarded 
values that we are indoctrinated with through our  patriarchal institutions 
(church,  state & family) from birth.  The book referred to  people who "did 
not fit 
into the corporate mold" trainable  mentality as more than likely creative and 
highly intelligent people who  tend to be motivated by their own inner 
values, rather than values imposed  upon them.  They are usually people who 
for themselves, who  question the status quo and who stand up for what they 
believe.  While  we tend to see these individuals as 'troublemakers', 
'rebellious',  'uncooperative' and 'difficult', it actually depends upon which 
system you  are looking to serve and/or whose perspective you are looking at 
Why I remember this so well is because I was one of the people who could  
never fit in in the corporate mentality!  And for a long time, I felt a  
'failure' about this, as so many of us do.  However, as I got older and did  
success in more humane types of work, I realized that the reason for this  was 
just exactly that...I simply could not be a 'robot' or a 'lemming' making  
'widgets' with no purpose or dignity.  I had to do something with purpose  and 
I had 
to feel meaningful and good about what I was doing.  Corporations  certainly 
don't offer this.  You MUST BE impersonal.  I was too  personal to work in 
corporations and this was actually GOOD!  So it really  was NOT a failure in 
myself, but rather, a society that failed  itself.  And it's still failing.  
only wisdom I now have about  it all is that whatever it is that has happened 
and is happening, it's all  unfolding as it's meant to be.  I believe things 
will come around full  circle somehow.  Or they will just come around as they 
are supposed  to.  Somehow, there is infinite wisdom in this universe despite 
mankind's  will to mess with it!  Mankind is no match for it and is actually a 
part of  it.  So it's all meant to be.  But I digress...
Corporations are most definitely 'sociopathic' and need 'mindless lemmings'  
to run.  Thank you for reminding me about that book!  I do wish I  could 
remember the name.
-Camille S.
 Bellmore, NY
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