Ignorance means that one does not have the facts or the truth and many people 
are ignorant in these days and times. For something to be scientific then it 
has to have scientific applications based on theory, practice, measurement, and 
a way to test it and it must be reliable over time and valid in every instance, 
psychiatry and psychology can not be this. So that is why it can not be 
considered true science. It changes it is changeable, the things we test are 
actually variable and not constant, it can not be proven, nor can it be 
disproven. People who don't understand something will often dismiss it as 
fiction. It is not if you understand it or not there are high ethical standards 
which must apply or be applied to call some thing scientific facts. Why not 
trust people who know how to siphon out the truth about the false science? To 
not do this that is what is ignorant. By the way I am not a scientologist I 
have just studied it from all aspects..

Careful there, ideology is allowed to trump evidence and that is why they are 
setting up data based evidence to use as the new science. All the issues such 
as violence, rape, problems in public schools, child rearing, and poverty are 
being used to scare the bedevil out of lots of people to keep them in their 
places and get them to get this psychiatric / psychological "treatment". I 
don't want to give them that edge because most of what they are doing is 
failing people and causing it to be worse. 

Have you seen how statistically the numbers have went up and not down so they 
could use it for proof that they need more dollars for more programs / people 
to "treat" people with and how they use it in unconstitutionally "he says" "she 
says" based courts to coerce and force this kind of treatment on people if they 
actually need it or want it or not? Once medically labeled the label never goes 
away and can and does affect the person in different ways for the rest of their 
lives, unless this is stopped.

Peer review still won't make it science, but it might make it better, and 
holding those accountable that need to be held accountable. They say they are 
"helping" others and yet when it comes to terrible things happening under their 
form of "help" they take no responsibility. They say they don't have to because 
they can always afford the best defenses, the people that they are doing this 
to against their will can pay for it with their taxes from their horrible scale 
wages. They form groups to wipe out any that question their sacred dogma. 

Things are getting better slowly, as some of these psychobabbelists are 
becoming evolutionarily informed, but there is still too much detritus hanging 
on in this discipline. Like someone said our country is going broke and they 
can't afford to pay for this forever, so the tides will have to turn 
eventually, what that will leave without those of us who are here to make sure 
it doesn't is that no person that really needs any kind of assistance will 
really get it because the money will have already been wasted up, nothing will 
have actually changed or gotten better, people will be hooked on mind altering 
brain damaging drugs, and people will be tired of paying in to support this. 

So if we are going to stop it then we have to find the alternatives and not 
just think about ourselves and how good we might be doing. We may be doing 
fine, but others might not be and so if we are going to stop it we must see 
that the real damage to people is minimalized and everyone gets out safe and 
happy and whole and that leads to America being a country with good mental 
health overall. Viola, propaganda stopped and people doing better things and 
having what they really need in life. 
Produced by a Psychogerontologist =the branch of science that deals with 
learning some unidentified branch of advocacy or philosophical knowledge 
throughout the aging process Janie Lee, M.Ed. 
      Produced by a Psychogerontologist=the branch of science that deals with 
some unidentified branch of advocacy or philosophical knowledge throughout the 
aging process 
Janie Lee, M.Ed.

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