the info. is out there, you are right, Janie...what's needed is not even so 
much for NAMI to admit anything or be pressed to the wall...the APA already has 
been and we can cite that to not just NAMI but a lot of organizations.  The 
real work is HOW DO WE GET THE WORD OUT?  There are a lot of issues that go 
along with that, such as who is the best organization to bring the message 
home---that will be listened to (MindFreedom comes to mind), where do we get 
the money to get this info. into, literally, the hands of every mental health 
agency, state government, doctor and patient and then, how do we hold them 
accountable (i.e. making sure they implement informed consent for clients who 
we can't reach, making sure they include info. on the stats of the 
effectiveness of alternatives to every patient---because we won't get them to 
drop meds right away alltogether---, making sure the government and insurance 
companies fund these things, getting rid of forced treatment, making sure
 the pharm. companies are brought down in an expedient way for each mistake, 
making sure there are safe places for detox, etc.)  A media campaign is needed 
for sure.  Unfortunately, the Church of Scientology has owned this campaign and 
we need to take it from their hands or we are doomed.  And we need to do it in 
such a way as to not make people who are taking meds now feel like idiots when 
they realize they were lied to but also not encouraging the med option as one 
based on any science or even a safe one.  Then, we need to take care of the 
implications...this is a longer part of the movement...the movement to create 
alternatives to psychiatric care for people who are in serious distress.  What 
do we do with the psychiatric profession?  That will change with these other 
measures and frankly I don't care if it changes or disappears...the brain, as 
with the soul, the environment, our social connections and the rest of our 
bodies all play a role in our state of being, so
 cutting off all research into the brain may not be wise, either, but the 
research needs to be much longer-term and scientific, along with these other 
changes: they stop pretending they have the answers when they don't, stop 
forcing and coercing people into these answers, being bedfellows with pharm. 
companies, start incorporating all the other aspects into wellness, are not the 
sole providers reimbursed and are not automatically teamed up with other 
providers in mental health agencies.
  NAMI needs to be brought down, I agree, but it won't be without changing the 
minds of its members and potential members.  The folks at the top won't 
budge...they are too caught up in all of it now.  
  just my opinion-
"Janie Lee, M.Ed." <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

"Janie Lee, M.Ed." <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:     Jim did a good thing, he took 
a risk for us I understand this now, but why not get the hunger strike out?  
Why do people give up on the truth because it seems too hard? 
  Mickey did a good thing, he got it together and he brought it home.  It was 
someones responsibility to make sure the world admitted the truth, we need that 
to make this worthwhile. 
  Once we make them admit the hunger strike is valid evidence that they do not 
have any reliable and valid evidence, """""publicly""""", then we don't have to 
fight all of this, they have no medical evidence and we can defeat NAMI.  
  If there is ever going to be hope in any of this being in any way voluntary 
and not out of coercion and force we have to make them get down on their knees. 
 That is the truth and that is what I keep fighting for and that is why I do 
what I do.  
  I know it has been three years, three years too long and this is the year 
that someone needs to get them to bow down and then that will make all of our 
dreams come true. It will put an end to what they are doing. I'm going to bust 
them, cause I have to and the consequences be what they may one way, somehow.  
That is almost a promise.  Janie 
      Produced by a Psychogerontologist=the branch of science that deals with 
some unidentified branch of advocacy or philosophical knowledge throughout the 
aging process 
Janie Lee, M.Ed.

  The fish are biting.
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