The Zyprexa docs have always been available on the Internet since 
they're initial release. One or more of theses sources have been 
active. To open the initial file ZyprexaKills.tar.gz requires 
archive software that not everyone may have.

1. Through the Tor network: http://tdkhrvozivoez5ad.onion
   Requires special tor software, server not always on line.

2. Via BitTorrent through 
   Search at thepiratebay for "ZyprexaKills"
   The website:  has much good info
   and points to to thepiratebay bittorent. 

3. From canadian journalist/activist Rob Wipond's site, ( He's done some nice articles too.)

4. More recently from a german website:
The files here can be gotten individually and have been converted 
to pdf format and the text extracted into individual text files.

Also, the wikipedia entry for Zyprexa has been kept fairly up to 
date with info/sources on the Zyprexa case. 

I suspect the files will continue to be made easier to get to as 
time passes. 

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