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  Posted on: March 4, 2007, 7:24 PM PST
  Story: Egypt's bloggers test state media control

  We have asked all we know-the APA, the Surgeon General, the National Library 
of Medicine, NAMI to give us the answers to the following questions and they 
can not. It is so embedded in our world now that this mental illness is a 
"real" disease that needs to be treated with medications to resolve it's 
symptoms that scientific facts don't have to go along with it. Yet this is not 
true, and I get beat up for trying to get the truth about this all the time. I 
thought that this might be a good post to use to say that not only in egypt do 
we have this, but here psychiatry and the drug companies have taken over our 
country and the government is funding and pushing these lies, campaign promises 
are being won on the backs of them. I would ask that any honest journalist that 
comes by and is interested ask these people these questions for yourself. I 
realize that it may not be good for our country in the imediate economic sense, 
but I do believe that if we get the truth out that it
 will be better for all of us in the long run. Will you ask them for the 
answers to these questions for me? Will you ask them for the truth, and then 
help me get the truth out to the public? You might find that you will be done 
the same way that this girl is being done, but do you care to tell the truth 
and be ethical about it? Here are the questions: 

1. Evidence That Clearly Establishes the validity of "schizophrenia" 
"depression" or other "major mental Illnesses" as a biologically-based brain 

2. Evidence For A Physical Diagnostic Exam such as a scan or test of the brain, 
blood, urine, genes, etc that can reliably distinguish 
individuals with these diagnoses (prior to treatment with psychiatric drugs), 
from individuals without these diagnoses.

3. Evidence For a Base-line Standard of a neurochemically balanced "normal" 
personality, against which a neurochemical "imbalance" can be 
measured and corrected by pharmaceutical means.

4. Evidence That Any Psychotropic Drug can correct a "chemical imbalance" 
attributed to a psychiatric diagnoses, and is any thing more than a 
non-specific alterer of physiology.

5. Evidence That Any Psychotropic Drug can reliably decrease the likelihood of 
violence or suicide.

6. Evidence That Psychotropic Drugs do not in fact increase the overall 
likelihood of violence and suicide.

7. Finally, that they reveal publicly evidence published in mainstream medical 
journals, but unreported in mainstream media, that links use 
of some psychiatric drugs to structural brain changes.

It is not that feelings and needs and tragedies are not "real" as their new 
campaign is "Depression is Real", or that they do not sometimes cause some real 
feelings and problems in our society. I simply think that there are much better 
ways to change things. I will leave you with this thought and the FDA knows 
this these are the side effects of this medication:

Drug induced stuttering, Weight gain, Dizziness, Sleeplessness, Restlessness, 
Anxiety, Diabetes, Racing heart, Heart disorders, Suicide risk in children, 
Increased risk of pregnancy and birth defects, White Blood Cell Disorders, 
Convulsions and Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome, Life threatening inflammation 
of the Pancreas, Illegal sales on the street, Illegal creation of drugs, 
Illegal experimentation and addiction to drugs, Glaucoma, Harmful food and drug 
interactions, Synergistic and Anti synergistic affects, Unnatural and dangerous 
serotonin re-uptake inhibitors, Prescribing wrongfully, 
Dyskyntonia, Sudden Deaths, Drug overdoses, Drug induced psychiatric symptoms.

So if this is true and people are filling up our jails for getting hooked on 
these and misusing them why can't those in positions to change this think about 
it? It needs to stop! It solves or changes nothing to take these medications. 
Anyway the thing of it is that it might be "real" that we get sad or so called 
depressed depending on a lot of factors, but many more times then not this is 
the only normal natural reaction to the oppression and traumatization that 
would be normal. So if it is normal and we all feel it why call it abnormal and 
a disease or disability that we will never be able to get over or live our 
lives without these drugs for? It is wrong, and I need help changing it, I need 
someone that can get them to admit the truth publicly and I am asking for your 
help, please? My website is I 
hope that this gets posted, there are so many ways of censorship in todays 
world that I am not sure it will be, but if it is then
      Produced by a Psychogerontologist=the branch of science that deals with 
some unidentified branch of advocacy or philosophical knowledge throughout the 
aging process 
Janie Lee, M.Ed.

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