This is your brain on TED  MONTEREY, Calif.--If you sense numbers as colors, 
or see images when hearing a tone, you might be a poet and don't know it.   
Atypical and subjective responses to colors, sounds, numbers and the like are 
caused by a neurological condition called synesthesia, a mutation in an area of 
the brain that can result in a cross-wiring of hearing, vision and touch 
senses. According to neurologist Vilayanur Ramachandran, synesthesia is eight 
times more common among creative people such as artists, musicians, writers and 
poets. (It affects a small portion of the population.)
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thanks, Janie 
      Produced by a Psychogerontologist=the branch of science that deals with 
some unidentified branch of advocacy or philosophical knowledge throughout the 
aging process 
Janie Lee, M.Ed.

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