I am trying to get hold of the Zyprexa documents: they would be extremely 
useful for my research looking at communication ethics (or lack thereof) in 
medical journals.   I've looked through the documents available on the furious 
seasons website but thought there might be more documents available on the 
http://zyprexakills.ath.cx/ website.

As such, I tried downloading it using the download bittorrent link on the 
website, but unfortunately no one else is seeding them.

If anyone can help me get hold of these, I would be extremely grateful.  If you 
have them and are able to share, please get in touch and we can arrange a way.

Many thanks in advance,


Rachel Hendrick
Doctoral Researcher
School of Applied Social Sciences
50 Richmond Street
University of Strathclyde
Glasgow G1 1XN

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T: 0141 548 5718
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