Android currently does not support USB host, so you won't be able to
plug any usb client devices into the usb port and have them work.

This ticket is for the usb host enhancement.

You might do better with a bluetooth adapter if there are such things
for IR.  I haven't looked, so I do not know.

On Oct 30, 8:36 pm, brohan <> wrote:
> I am an extreme newbie to Android.  I have a little bit of programming
> experience in Java and C++ that is years old now rusty, so please bear
> with me with this question.
> I have been a Palm user for years, the main reason being because of
> the IR port, which is necessary for my work.
> 1.) Is it possible to find an IR transmitter/receiver like the one in
> a Palm Treo with a USB adapter?
>       (I am not sure the different frequencies of IR, but I do know
> the one in the Palm's work)
> 2.) With the above IR/USB adapter plugged into an Android phone (I am
> scheduled to get a MOTODROID when they come out) is it possible to
> write and app that will receive and send  information through the USB/
> IR port at this point with Android?
> In other words with an existing off the shelf USB/IR port does one
> just program as if using the USB port, or is there anything special
> because it is also an IR device?
> The reason I ask, is in looking at the discussions here in the android
> groups I saw a thread about using IR with Android, and the fact that
> Android does not support IR as of yet, but I assume that this is
> straight IR, not an IR plugged into an android device via USB
> Thank you very much in advance to any light you can shed on this. I
> apologize for this being what is probably a simply question.


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