On Sat Apr 25 2015 Peter Münster wrote:
> When using bbdb-completing-read-mails like this:
> --8<---------------cut here---------------start------------->8---
> (defadvice gnus-summary-resend-message (before pm/resend-with-bbdb act)
>   "Resend message with bbdb address completion."
>   (interactive
>    (list (bbdb-completing-read-mails "Resend message(s) to: "))))
> --8<---------------cut here---------------end--------------->8---
> the tab-completion fails with this message:
> "Not a valid buffer position for mail completion"
> How could I make it work please?

I am sorry, the code is broken.  A bad hack to make it work
*somehow* is to use a prompt for bbdb-completing-read-mails that
looks like a mail header, for example

  (bbdb-completing-read-mails "Resend-message(s)-to: ")

The real problem is:

bbdb-completing-read-mails is derived from bbdb-complete-mail which
is used in an ordinary buffer instead of a minibuffer, and
bbdb-complete-mail can also perform partial completion.  Yet I
believe in the context of bbdb-completing-read-mails, partial
completion doesn't make much sense as a return value for this
function.  I assume this must have been an old problem, already
present in BBDB 2.  Right now I am not sure whether / how this can
be solved cleanly by defining a suitable wrapper around

Currently, BBDB 3 uses bbdb-completing-read-mails only for its MH-E
interface.  But I am not aware of anybody using this interface,
which is probably why this problem went unnoticed for so long.

Different question: What is your use case?  Why do you want to
advice gnus-summary-resend-message?  Why can't you use
bbdb-complete-mail in some gnus buffer?  (I do not know many details
about gnus.)


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