Nikolaus Rath <> writes:

> On Apr 27 2015, Glyn Millington <> wrote:
>>     (setq bbdb-message-all-addresses t)
> Can you explain what this setting does?
> The help says
> ,----
> | If t `bbdb-update-records' returns all mail addresses of a message.
> | Otherwise this function returns only the first mail address of each message.
> `----

If you are updating records and this variable is set to t then the bbdb
will update the records of ALL the addresses found (I presume) in the
headers of that message. It may, I don;t know, ask whether you want to
create a new record for any addresses found in the message which are not
already contained in the bbdb.  (As I'm no longer updating records
automatically, I don't need this baby any more!)



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