Finally I found the time to do at least a few things:

- Add basic support for mu4e mailer
- Remove variables bbdb/MUA-update-records-p which have been a
  source of confusion
- Handle prefix command bbdb-do-all-records more robustly
- fix an annoying bug in BBDB's (re)display algorithm

2015-05-22  Roland Winkler  <>
        Add basic support for mu4e mailer.
        * NEWS, README: Update accordingly.
        * m4/emacs_mu4e.m4: New file.
        * Use it.
        * lisp/bbdb-mu4e.el: New file.
        * lisp/, lisp/makefile-temp: Compile it.
        * lisp/bbdb.el (bbdb-init-forms): Add entry for mu4e.
        (bbdb-initialize): Update docstring.
        * lisp/bbdb-mua.el: Define mu4e~view-buffer-name.
        (bbdb-mua-mode-alist): Add element for mu4e.
        (bbdb-mua): Update docstring.
        (bbdb-mua-update-records, bbdb-mua-wrapper): Handle mu4e.

2015-05-22  Roland Winkler  <>
        Remove variables bbdb/MUA-update-records-p.
        * lisp/bbdb-mua.el (bbdb-update-records): Rely only on arg
        * lisp/bbdb-gnus.el (bbdb/gnus-update-records-p): Remove.
        * lisp/bbdb-message.el (bbdb/mail-update-records-p)
        (bbdb/message-update-records-p): Remove.
        * lisp/bbdb-mh.el (bbdb/mh-update-records-p): Remove.
        * lisp/bbdb-rmail.el (bbdb/rmail-update-records-p): Remove.
        * lisp/bbdb-vm.el (bbdb/vm-update-records-p): Remove.
        * README, NEWS: Update accordingly.

2015-05-22  Roland Winkler  <>
        Handle prefix command bbdb-do-all-records more robustly.
        * lisp/bbdb.el (bbdb-do-all-records): New variable.
        (bbdb-modeline-info): Add two new slots.
        (bbdb-mode): Use them.
        * lisp/bbdb-com.el (bbdb-prefix-message): New function.
        (bbdb-do-all-records, bbdb-do-records): Use variable
        (bbdb-append-display-p): Update displayed message.
        (bbdb-append-display): Use bbdb-prefix-message.
        (bbdb-search-invert): Ditto.  Simplify.

2015-05-22  Roland Winkler  <>
        * lisp/bbdb.el (bbdb-redisplay-record): Display an undisplayed
        record only if we do not want to delete it.
        (bbdb-maybe-update-display): Only consider records that are
        already displayed.  Improve docstring.

2015-05-22  Roland Winkler  <>
        Update copyright year in all files.

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