On Sat Sep 5 2015 Roland Winkler wrote:
> On Thu Sep 3 2015 Eric Abrahamsen wrote:
> > Basically it does what it says: if point is on a record name, the
> > whole record is copied, like before. If point is on a particular
> > field, the value (but not label) of that field is copied.
> I am just trying to understand a typical usage pattern for the
> extended code.  I understand that it can make sense for a single
> record to grab the value of only one field.  Yet what would this be
> good for with multiple records?  It seems to me that with multiple
> records, this would make sense only if it included also the name of
> the record.

One more thought: Why treat names special?  The only field, where it
appears to make sense to grab its value from multiple records
without including some "identifier", would be the name field.

Then, treating all fields the same way might work best with a
separate command bbdb-copy-field-as-kill instead of extending the
functionality of bbdb-copy-records-as-kill.  The prefix arg could
then possibly be used in a different way: with prefix arg the
command could also grab the name field.  (Or: include the name field
whenever this command operates on more than one record?)


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