In my report last week

with subject header "eudc conversion to bbdb (in bbdb3.1.2?)"

I noted

  bbdd-version => 3.1.2

and I claimed I was using the MELPA bbdb.

That was actually inaccurate - I had failed to snip a setting of
load-path pointing to a directory for bbdb that I had populated via git
(and that seemed to be the version of bbdb being used).

The gist of that earlier report is unchanged (and I have now filed a
bug-report against EUDC about that matter), but:

when I *don't* use my "local" version of bbdb obtained from git, but
instead use the MELPA version of bbdb, bbdb-version has a strange value:
In fact, describe-variable reports:

| bbdb-version is a variable defined in ‘bbdb-site.el’.
| Its value is "@PACKAGE_VERSION@"

Presumably this is related to some ELPA-packaging issue? (Or have I
don't something wrong on this end?)


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