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> Hi Alan,
> On Mo, 2015-12-21 at 09:14, Alan Schmitt wrote:
> [...]
>> I tried adding the 'mu4e symbol to both lines and it's not changing
>> anything. I don't necessarily want BBDB to work with mu4e: I want to be
>> able to send messages with mu4e while still using BBDB with gnus. Is
>> this possible?
>> I asked this question on the mu4e mailing list, and it seems that the
>> problems comes from the hook bbdb adds to message mode, which is run in
>> mu4e-compose-mode as it extends message mode.
> I finally gave up trying to use mu4e in parallel to gnus for the same reason.

BBDB checks current modes against the bbdb-muda-mode-alist variable,
which you should be able to add to. It comes with (mu4e mu4e-view-mode)
in there, maybe you can add something like (mu4e-message-mode
message-mode) to the list and see if that works? I haven't looked
exactly at how that variable is queried, but I'll bet you can trick BBDB
into letting it pass.


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