Dear Roland,

Answering to myself, in order to note two limitations in the current code 
w.r.t. to the possibility to replace the current tex code by XeLaTeX or LaTeX 

1) Lisp makes some direct code generation in bbdb-print.el like this

      (dolist (dim '(hsize vsize hoffset voffset))
        (if (setq tmp (cdr (assoc dim alist)))
            (insert (format "\\%s=%s\n" dim tmp))))

it should be possible to replace (format "\\%s=%s\n" dim tmp) by something 
else, for instance

   (format "\\PassOptionsToClass{%s=%s}{bbdb}\n" dim tmp)

if ever somebody makes some bbdb class to do same job. So the code should be:

      (dolist (dim '(hsize vsize hoffset voffset))
        (if (setq tmp (cdr (assoc dim alist)))
            (insert (funcall bbdb-format-page-layout-fun dim tmp))))

with bbdb-format-page-layout-fun a new defcustom.

2) final message

   "Process this file with TeX (not LaTeX)"

   should also be a defcustom, rather than wired in the code.


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