I switched to lexical binding for all elisp files of BBDB except
for bbdb-anniv.el (which relies on `diary-date-forms' that is not
compatible with lexical binding).

I have been using this for a little while without problems.
Still this may give rise to unexpected surprises for others.
If this happens let me know.

2016-10-02  Roland Winkler  <wink...@gnu.org>
        * lisp/bbdb-com.el, lisp/bbdb-gnus.el, lisp/bbdb-ispell.el:
        * lisp/bbdb-message.el, lisp/bbdb-mhe.el, lisp/bbdb-migrate.el:
        * lisp/bbdb-mu4e.el, lisp/bbdb-mua.el, lisp/bbdb-pgp.el:
        * lisp/bbdb-print.el, lisp/bbdb-rmail.el, lisp/bbdb-sc.el:
        * lisp/bbdb-site.el.in, lisp/bbdb-snarf.el, lisp/bbdb-vm.el:
        * lisp/bbdb-wl.el, lisp/bbdb.el: Use lexical binding.

        * lisp/bbdb.el (bbdb-alist-with-header): Start name of unused
        variables with underscore.
        (bbdb-display-record-multi-line, bbdb-display-records): Remove
        unused variable.
        * lisp/bbdb-com.el (bbdb-omit-record):
        * lisp/bbdb-snarf.el (bbdb-snarf-surrounding-space)
        * lisp/bbdb-migrate.el (bbdb-undocumented-variables): Start name
        of unused variables with underscore.
        * lisp/bbdb-mua.el (bbdb-get-address-components):
        * lisp/bbdb-print.el (bbdb-print-record): Remove unused variable.
        * lisp/bbdb-gnus.el: Autoload message-make-domain.
        (bbdb/gnus-score-as-text): Start name of unused variables with

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