Earlier today, while not entirely awake, I added a phone number and a
new company name to an existing record in my bbdb. The minibuffer
mentioned something about organization, whether or not I wanted to
delete it.

For a good few minutes I thought I had deleted "organization" from my
bbdb. That is, not from the records, but from my configuration.

I don't think I messed up my bbbd records, but while going over the
records, I noticed bbdb talks about a "organization" as well as

When I create a new record M-x bbdb-create, I'm asked "name", and then
"organizations" (with s). I enter a name (test) but not an organization, and
answer the rest of the questions.

Once this record is created, I can visit it, and in the bbbd-buffer i
(insert) a field: one of the options is "organization" (without s). Once
that is created, I can edit it, but now the field is known as
"organizations" (with s). I see this is defined in bbdb-com.el

Intentional, I assume?

Kind regards


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