Even tho I have cut back on the volume of bird seeds provided, I still have 
interesting birds here. I have seen both female & male HUMMINGBIRDS at their 
feeder, as well as a DOWNY WOODPECKER mother feeding a baby at the bark butter 
log. Regular customers are the many A GOLDFINCHES eating nyjer seed.
 I think the WHITE BREASTED NUTHATCH is feeding a baby both suet & sunflower 
CATBIRDS enjoy suet too.

Also saw 2 BLUE JAY babies w/short tails interacting with parent birds in tree 
outside my porch.
BROWN THRASHERS active across road & a small hawk (Sharpie or Coopers) zoomed 
thru the yard after a bird that it missed catching.

Most mornings I hear 1 or 2 OSPREYS chirping down near the water! Lotsa 
GRACKLES both in yard & on beach.
Baby ducks include 6 COMMON MERGS & 4 MALLARDS.

& I still hear the 2 WOOD THRUSHES singing in woods along w/ the occasional A. 

Donna Scott
Lansing/by Cayuga L.
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