Hi all,

Greeting from Newfoundland where we've been since late May.
This post probably won't allay too many peoples' concerns in Ithaca, but there 
ARE some neotropical migrants up here, so maybe a lot of them just skipped the 
Cayuga Basin en route northward...

The predominate species anywhere we walk in the spruce/fir forest or any wet 
areas is Northern Waterthrush...they are singing everywhere up here. On the 
western coast of NFL a couple of weeks ago there were Ruby-crowned Kinglets all 
over the place. We've also seen/heard good numbers of Black-and-white Warbler, 
Magnolia Warbler, plus scattered Black-throated Greens, Yellow-rumped, Wilson's 
and a few Yellow. Hermit Thrush too. And I had my lifer Blackpoll Warbler a 
couple of days ago, and now recognize the call various from other sprucey 
places we've walked today and yesterday.

That said, there is a depressingly HUGE amount of deforestation going on here, 
especially where we are right now an hour or so south of St. Johns...people are 
maniacally cutting trees, importing lawns and building houses. YUCKO!!!

Certainly our birds face a huge threat in this human-dominated world...not 
intending to minimize that...


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Just pointing out the obvious here, but bird numbers in my immediate area of 
Upstate NY are way down this year. I mean, WAY down. John, if you have full 
capacity of nesting Tree Swallows, it may be that the sites you host are prime 
and being filled to capacity because they are the best locations. It sounds to 
me like the sub-par sites are not being filled.

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