The message below was sent out April 15th and is now more relevant than
ever. The old Chiapas95 lists will be terminated within a week or so.
Therefore, if you want to continue receiving news from this source, you
MUST resubscribe to one of the new lists. NOONE on the old subscription
list will be automatically subscribed to the new list(s) so you must do
this yourselves.

The new list apparatus is now intact, so you should visit:
and re-subscribe to whichever list to which you are currently subscribed.

Old chiapas95 still has the same name: chiapas95
Old chiapas95-english is now renamed: ch95-en
Old chiapas95-espanol is now renamed: ch95-es
Old chiapas95-lite is now renamed ch95-lite
You will find these lists under the rubric "academic".
or go straight to:

Once you see that you are receiving messages from the new apparatus -
which will be apparent because the source address will be:
[EMAIL PROTECTED] - you can unsubscribe from the old program.

Reminder: you can unsubscribe to the old program by sending a message


Leave the subject line blank and in the body of the text put:

unsubscribe chiapas95
unsubscribe chiapas95-lite
unsubscribe chiapas95-english
unsubscribe chiapas95-espanol

After a week or two, I will suspend the old program, delete the old
list of subscribers and the lists will only be accessible through the new

The archives generated by the old program will continue to be available

The new archives for each list will be accessible through:

Thank you for your attention. If you have any problems contact us at:
[EMAIL PROTECTED] which will continue, for the time being, to be the
home address of the list moderators.

You may also continue to send news to the old address:
Messages received there that are deemed worthy of distribution are sent on
to the new software for distribution.


Reply via email to