Hi all guys,

we have an ELO implementation now which I would really like some of us
could review and provide feedbacks/contributions/...

The concept is that *directed* Graphs represents tournaments where the
generic players (Vertices) take part, Edges are WIN/DRAW enums,
players are ranked in a users defined functor PlayersRank, then:

    DirectedGraph<String, GameResult> tournament = ....;
    PlayersRank<String> playersRank = ...;
    int customKFactor = ... ;

    eloRate( tournament ).werePlayersArRankedIn( playersRank
).withKFactor( customKFactor );

Players rating will be updated on PlayersRank - that is an interface,
so users can provide their dbms/nosql backend implementation.

There are big limitations ATM, i.e. the algorithm has a complexity of
O(n x n-1), so at least another pair of eyes is needed to improve the
algorithm :)

May thanks in advance, all the best!


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