On 27-Apr-17 14:11, Dwayne wrote:
  Can some one tell me how to reset my upload flags for LOTW.. I screwed up on 
a attemped to up load my log..
  Only want to reset the upload flag from a certain date to the present...  I 
want to set the flag to Y from   10/03/2016 to todays date...  Does it give you 
a choice to put in your own dates ?? when you click on set LOTW upload flag..???

It's not clear from your message what your intention is. Do you want to *reset* the upload flags to N or *set* them to Y? Either way, you need to filter first. Assuming the latter is the case:

F8 => Upload Date [10/03/2016] => (verify only desired date QSOs are listed) => LoTW => Set LoTW Upload Flag


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