I'm beginning to set up some Green Heron wireless control switching, and now I need to convey frequency information between DX4WIN and the Green Heron environment using the GHE Everyware UDP communication. It appears that PstRotatorAz will do the job, but I'm unsure of the exact setup required.

If there's an easy way to get just frequency information from DX4WIN I would be really interested in hearing what it is.I **think** the SteppIR control function in DX4WIN needs to be activated using the COM port to COM port connection described in the PstRotatorAz documentation to pass frequency information.I have a LOT of COM ports active in my system, many of them virtual from LP-Bridge and the microHAM environment. I also have many physical COM ports that are used to maintain my two Elecraft stations. Is there a PstRotatorAz program limit to a specific range of COM port numbers, or can it handle COM ports of arbitrary number, especially greater than 20 or so?Once the frequency information is available, does it send both VFO A and VFO B frequency information in the UDP broadcasts?

At this time, I don't need to use PstRotatorAz to actually do SteppIR control, although that will eventually be required as station setup advances. If the radio is in Split mode does DX4WIN send the Transmit frequency to the SteppIR controller port?

Sorry to be cross-posting and asking so many questions, but I'm really trying to figure out how to couple DX4WIN to the GHE system as efficiently as possible.

Randy, W8FN
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