Dear friends,

This is to announce version 1.2 of Mehrsoft TrayLayout, a Persian
keyboard layout management program for Windows 2000 and XP, kindly
provided by Arash Rezaiizadeh. The software is provided "as is", without
any support from the FarsiWeb project. You are allowed to distribute and
use it freely. It is available from:

Please note that this is not a FarsiWeb software. We are only releasing it
because of its extreme usefulness, even though its not Free Software. It
is also noteworthy that the default keyboard layout provided with the
program is NOT standard.

Quoting Arash, the changes are:

        - Added: Farsi shape of digits.
        - Bug Fix: prevent to eat space key on Check boxes and Radio 
          buttons, when in Farsi mode.

Thanks again Arash,

Roozbeh and the FarsiWeb Project Group

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