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Von: "Thomas Adam" <tho...@fvwm.org>
Gesendet: 31.10.2011 00:39:58
>[ I have no time at all to really give this the attention it deserves, so
>I'm going to have to be brief and merely point you in the right directions.
>I will though expect this to go through several iterations as a result. ]

It's more than I've looked forward to :-)

>This is why your structure is incorrect -- and leads to inefficiencies like
>this. What you actually have in the abstract case is a structure such as
># This is just me thinking...
>%menu = (
> 'fvwm' => {
> 'name' => "mynicenewmenuname",
> 'items' => [
> {
> 'label' => 'label4',
> 'action' => $some_action4,
> 'icon' => undef,
> },
> {
> 'label' => 'label3',
> 'action' => $some_action3,
> 'icon' => undef,
> }
> ],
> }
>Note that you might have multiple item sections, perhaps where each section
>has a separator line (+"" Nop) defined in it. How this translates from
>{gnome,kde}- prefix menus, I don't know. It's down to you to find out.

I constructed create_fvwm2_menu_hash() and merge_fvwm2_menus() because I don't
understand the structure Dan created in read_menu() ... but now it's more
important to analyze it deeper, than fix merge_fvwm2_menus() because using his
structure is the better way - it's in one context ...

Dan, if i need help to understand your work, would you help me? Would be great 


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